How to create a website – Register Your Domain Name

You’ve planned your website and it’s time to register
your domain name. This may seem like a daunting process, but it’s
actually a lot faster and easier than most people think.
When you’re ready to register your domain name,
the first step is to find a good domain name registrar. Your search can
be done by word of mouth, by referring to advertisements, or through an
online search engine. When you’ve made your choice, you’ll register your
domain name and begin to check for availability. At this time, you’ll
find out if your domain name is available for purchase, or someone else
has already registered it. There are countless domain names in use, with
more being registered every day. If by some stroke of luck you are able
to register your domain name, do it, and don’t think twice.
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The next step to register your domain name is to
enter your contact information and the DNS (Domain Name System)
information for the desired name. This process will ensure that your
details will be distributed and held within the particular registry for
the t:TLD purchased. The registry will then file the contact information,
and add zone documents to the root servers. These documents will tell
other servers how to find your site. After this, the updated information
needs to proliferate or propagate. The proliferation is the length of
time that will be required for your domain name registration, or changes
to the t:DNS details, to be propagated throughout the DNS. At this point
you are actually inserting an entry into a directory of all the domain
names and their equivalent computers on the web.
When you register your domain name, the registrar
will likely have the flexibility to provide the initial registration,
followed by domain name renewals in one-year increments. In doing so,
you can have a total domain name registration period limit of up to ten
years. Each registrar sets the price it charges for registering domain
names and prices can vary significantly among various registrars, so
shop around.

It’s not a terribly difficult or lengthy
process to register your domain name but, like any important task, it
does require effort. Find a good domain name that will allow Internet
users to quickly and easily find your site, and register it with a
reputable domain name registrar. Once you’ve registered your domain
name, you’ll be on the road to website success.

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