Best Ecommerce Hosting Solutions-Finding The Right Company For You

It seems that so many times it is hard for the little
guy to get a leg up in the business world. Every supplier or service
that you talk to is only interested in catching the bigger fish and is
totally disinterested in you. When it comes to finding a web host for
your website it can often times be no different sometimes. Sure they
have service plans that you can cut costs with but how do you know just
what you need to get by.
There are a few simple rules to follow if you are
in the market for a budget web hosting plan that at the same time
doesn’t leave you empty handed on the essential services that you will
be needing from time to time. If your website is less than one-hundred
pages and doesn’t have any data intensive components such as streaming
videos than you can get by with the bare minimum amount of t:bandwidth and
gigabytes of memory and that means a basic plan for about $5.
If you have more than one-hundred pages and or
your pages are heavily laden with text and photos then you may want to
take the option of shared web hosting for about $10 which is going to
give you more bandwidth and memory. That is what you will need for the
bare bones basic web hosting service if that is all that you need. You
have to bear in mind though that what you are going to be doing with
your website also has to be considered.
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For instance; if your site is just for reference
purposes that is supporting a non Internet business in your community
then you can still get by with the low cost basic web hosting service.
If however your business is an Internet business that changes the
picture considerably. This is because, unless you are marketing a
product that only you have and no one can live without, you will be in
competition of untold numbers of other people on the Internet.
This then means that you are going to have to
engage in some level of website promotion or SEO which stands for search
engine optimization. If you don’t, then every time that someone types
in the keywords to look for what ever it is that your website is selling
you will be the last in line with regards to prospective sellers.
SEO can be approached two different ways with
regards to a prospective web hosting service. The first way is to just
pay them to promote your website and do the SEO for you but it is going
to cost you.

The second way is to learn about SEO and
then do it yourself. If you are going to do it yourself you will need to
learn what basic tools you will be needing your web hosting service to
have available. t:SEO is not overly complex but you do have to know what
you are doing or all of your best efforts can be a waste of time.

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