How To rank youtube videos to first page and position on google (SEO Tricks)

How To rank youtube videos to first page and position on google (SEO Tricks)

time to show you five ways that you can leverage these signals to get
more traffic to your videos…and ultimately to your site.
1. Write Super-Long Video Descriptions
Remember that YouTube and Google can’t watch or listen to your video (yet).
That means that they heavily
lean on the text surrounding the video to understand your video’s
topic. That’s why it pains me to see extremely brief video descriptions.
2. Optimize Around “Video Keywords”
Ranking in YouTube is great, but ranking your video in YouTube and Google is even better.
Although Google gives t:YouTube videos an inherent edge in the SERPs, that’s only true for certain keywords.
These keywords are called “Video Keywords” because they tend to have video results on Google’s first page.
3. Get More Video Views From Online Communities
Online communities like Quora and LinkedIn groups are fantastic places to funnel traffic from.
The thing is, most communities don’t take too kindly to someone dropping links to their content all over the place.
But they’re usually open to people sharing helpful YouTube videos, like yours!
the number and quality of your video views is one of the most important
YouTube ranking factors, getting views from targeted communities works

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4. Encourage Subscribing and Linking
YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t use backlinks, it puts A LOT of weight on
user experience signals. If people enjoy watching your video, expect it
to crush it in YouTube search.
Subscribing and liking are two of the most important user experience signals that YouTube uses.
someone likes your video enough to subscribe after watching it, it
sends a strong message to YouTube that you have a killer video on your
Likes are much less important, but they still count.
5. Create Keyword-Rich Playlists
Don’t leave your YouTube channel an unorganized mess.
One of the easiest ways to get more YouTube search traffic to your videos is to organize your videos into playlists.
keyword-rich playlist gives YouTube deeper information about your
video’s topic. And like we saw with your description, more text-based
content=more views.
The above are one of the best ways to get traffic from YouTube. For more details you can contact here:  Digital marketing company in India


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