King Los – Black Lights Lyrics

[Intro] Dear all you little rappers here I’m finna black light
[?] in the atmosphere turning the black lights[Verse 1] Too cool I hula hoop with Cuban chains
Who can changes the frequency and move the game?
Who maneuver through the pain?
Who the truest to the name?
Who do you, do you, do you acclaim, you are lame?
You, and you, and you, and you the same?
Oh fuck it homie do your thang
I ain’t in got stressed for this one
I be bumpin’ Dipset depessedy dipson
Flexing different, make you niggas cut a check to kick it
Man tell ’em it’s a easy run
If you the best you the easy one
I’m a nigga with a attitude, I Snoop, Cube, Dre and Eazy son
Line ’em up like the Yeezy’s coming
Got ’em shook like Jesus coming
Fuck peace, get a piece or something
Everyday we smoking least of onion
Get some vegan piece of Mac and cheese or something
Can’t believe the day imagine me with nothing
Heaters bucking in my hood and we was ducking
We fin’ coming, repercussions squeeze the drum and
Make it even, even preachers running
I take the kids and teach ’em something
Down fuckin’ with me for nothing
We agree to this on me to leave ’em something
Keep it coming, keep it coming
Ain’t no secret fuckin’ with me, and I’ma Ether something
Even keep it peaceful feed me beats and keep me blunted
God body, God body, the young God hard body
Hard top big body, talk tough get body
She down to be in my DMs, John Gotti, Yo Gotti
My Saint Laurent go prolly, I ain’t playing with nobody
I’ma fuck around and had to murk a nigga
Make a verse ’bout one of you niggas and go hurt a nigga
It don’t concern a nigga in about the paper player hater
Perpetrator greatest innovator ever nigga
Get down like James Brown in “Funky”
Man watch you girlfriend ’cause she want me
And you’re not me, you can’t stop me
May you who was on me gon’ block me
They drop so cocky, it’s not me
I did not need to say that
But I take the drop-top to the top speed
And to catch me you need godspeed
If you bitch stare, I shift clauses and switch gear like a five speed
I don’t dig these artist niggas push my buttons and get me started but my cause greater
This shea mechanics of a nigga in the hood is known to take your bitch to alternator
God body, God body, who is God? Y’all prolly—
Think God exist, outside y’all body
I ain’t playing with nobody
Yellow Lambo red Ferrari, look like KYLE and Lil Yachty
Heard your metaphors and your punches
I ain’t diggin’ out a damn line
Jesus Christ wouldn’t cross me
And I’ma blow up ’cause I landmine
Allah align the stars create the path
Made sunshine from many moons
Through your soul all it is a sacred math
Wait wait hold up let me take that back
I said Jesus crosses Allah
Allah align stars, suns, moons (Bars)
Made sunshine, mars
And your soul is all sacred math
Is cosmic because the solar is sacred math
I could out Ramadan and break his fast
Excuse my french like my Moroccan brother
‘Bout to make fans dessert rappers like that album cover
Y’all don’t deserve me, y’all niggas lame
My shit too early, my shit is turfing
Only way I’m a fuck-up as if I do that shit on purpose
Wish these niggas purpose, most these niggas worthless
Fuck we gon’ do when all that shit deserve us
Man you lie, man you really hurt us
I should serve you as you would diss for dips serves
I should go and get your bitch some dick service, nigga
Make it coming give me a mouth and lip serves
Calis pussy niggas hop above my set
I am from the hood where ain’t no fathers at
But I’m at just like my father met
I’ll be flexing thinking that I’m Hercules
While your momma clap, just like my momma clump
Think I’m a chump, how you wanna act?
Oh Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

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