How To Install WordPress From Softaculous

WordPress is a free open source software that is available for install
in your cPanel Softaculous installer for free. This article will explain
how to install WordPress through Softaculous.

STEP 1 – Login into your cPanel.

STEP 2 – Click Softaculous in cPanel: Go to Software section, then click on the Softaculous icon.

3 – Install Softaculous in cPanel: Click on the WordPress logo. This
will open a screen with several options to show. Click on the Install

STEP 4 – Setup the WordPress in Softaculous: Fill in the
WordPress set up information. The following is the necessary information
you need to fill in. Software Setup

1. Choose Domain: Select the Domain you want to install your WordPress on from the drop box.

In Directory: Leave this blank to install on the domain directly. If
you are installing in a subfolder of your site, type the folder name
here (THE FOLDER MUST NOT EXIT). This will make the blog load like the

3. Add your site name and description

4. Admin Username: Enter a username for your WordPress Dashboard login.

5. Admin Password: Enter whatever password you want for the Dashboard Login.

Click below banner for quick download

Download now (quick server)

Admin email: Enter a valid email here. The system will place an invalid
email here. you will need a valid one. NOTE: Installing to Subdomains –
If you decide that you wish to install to a subodmain, then you will
need to first make sure that you have correctly created the subdomain in
cPanel. The main difference is that the path will appear like this: instead of like this If the Subdomain is already created, then you
will be able to select the subdomain at the Choose Domain stage of the
installation. If you are trying to install it to a sub-folder that is
not specified as a subdomain, then the Choose domain option should
remain as the domain name that you wish to use for the installation. The
In Directory option will be filled with the folder that you wish to use
– as per the example above.

7. Check Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) – This adds extra login security to your WordPress site

We recommend you change the first two text of the default Database Name
& Table Prefix (e.g from wp76 to swer1) – This add extra security
to your WordPress Database.

Click Install.
Installing the
Software Softaculous in cPanel. Softaculous will Check the submitted
data and install the files to your server for WordPress.. Your WordPress
site has been installed successfully.

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