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AMA Body Fitness is your “mobile” exercise guide that will give you the
chance to do the most effective fitness exercises and keep a safe,
healthy diet, by becoming more nutritionally aware. The Fitness Plan
includes an exhaustive quiz will determine what type of workout and
nutrition choices would best suit you – check out the results to also
get detox advice and tips on hydrotherapy techniques. The exercise
database includes a variety of exercises, ranging from warming up and
cooling down stretching exercises, to cardio, aerobics and many more.
The Agenda purpose will help you plan both the main meals of the day and
your snacks, as well as your exercises. An optimal one month plan is
also included, as well as a Calendar, for you to keep track of your
meals and exercise choices during the one month program. For a
relaxation break, play the two addictively entertaining mini-games,
Happy Croco and Jog Mania! Keep fit, healthy and happy with AMA Body

The game’s characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.
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AMA Body Fitness 320×480 Xperia X8 (320×480)



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