Danger Doom – Spokesman Lyrics

[Verse 1] A dollar and a dream
One up in the chamber, holler at the team
The only thing gleam was machines for Christ sakes
The end of things, justice to the means, and dices-fake
Rather eat a nice steak than rice cake
Police date, grease the bait, at least, wait
On one, straight porn fun
Plate gone dun none, don’t hate the son
Get it, while the getting’s good
In it for the cheddar
Streads weather leathered tethered wood
Better could make a Feda’ blood
Instead I should stood the sweaterhood for the better good
Suede, paid programmin
And the jam played while we laid low scammin
Party people say ho while he rhymed with the beat so erratic
Don’t know how he timed it[Verse 2] Before I was so rudely interrupted
About to say the beat how crudely it was constructed
Knowin this dude, he did it on purpose
Sped up the track so I could spit it all nervous
Still spat that raw flawless worthless
Motherfuckin villain at your service
Slip ’em the word, he’ll rip ’em, jip ’em
Flip ’em a bird, and have ’em dippin to the herb
I’m sippin on some slizzurp, slurred
This jerks a nerd, but his lipwork’s absurd
He knows the route
Just keep breathin real slow in and out
Until you get dizzy
Then close your eyes as the crew gets busy
But don’t choke off that heavy tree smokin
And we broke off, celebrity spokesman

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