Lil Wayne – New Freezer Lyrics

[Verse 1: Gudda Gudda] I’ma cash out on the AP, new freezer
The coupe sit nice on some new feet, new sneakers
I took your bitch out to Pappadeaux
She tried to order a sloppy joe
I told her give me some sloppy toppy
Then let her know she a sloppy hoe
Tune pick me up in this brand new Bugatti
Two million cash this is not a Ferrari
260 the dash I smoke anybody
150K cash if it hit my pocket
This is that D6 shout out to Drizzy in the 6
Mafia like it’s the 3-6
Choppers make niggas do B flips
Put the heat to your moon like an eclipse
Burn niggas like a freak bitch
Flip and turn you like a key switch
Cause you bit the hand that I feed with, yeah
Only time will tell nigga
I sat back and tried to tell niggas
If you try to test me watch you fail nigga
Nigga D triple 6 I’m raising hell nigga[Verse 2: Lil Wayne] Death wish, death wish, death wish
I come to fulfill your death wish
First I must refill my beverage
That’s promethazine sold separate
That’s from Texas
She’s from who knows
I got new doors I ain’t step in
I got new hoes I ain’t hit yet, I ain’t hit yet?
Time is precious
I got pre-rolls I ain’t lit yet
I got pre-thoughts I ain’t think yet
I got money I ain’t see yet
They wan know why I ain’t blink yet
I got big bags in my book bag
Make my walk around like Hunchback
Diamonds so bright on my one hand
Gave all 5 fingers a suntan
Haters upset that a fun fact
I got pussy in my lunch bag
I got soap and I got towels
Bullet showers lead to bloodbaths
I got hoodies that say Young Money
I got bitches that steal them from me
They go home and then they send pictures to my phone with nothing under it
We don’t mind that do I’m loving it
I run a bad ass bitches company
That’s my company my bitches humble me
I saw your bitches that was comedy
I got the ramady oops I meant remedy
I got the chemistry and the amenities
Up in my bedroom holding assembly
They leave feeling good physically, mentally
Meditate, meditate think about yesterday
Fuck what that nigga say think about yesterday
I can’t do everyday I can do very late
Just hit me up and I go check my resume
Get out that Chevrolet jump in this [?] I know you see the doors open like heaven gates
She think I’m heaven sent and I would not forgive every sin but
I forget everything thanks to the medicine
Thanks to the purple stuff
I’m finna pour it up, I’m finna stir it up
If I had a heart it’d be a purple one
Pockets too fat I’m pulling my girdle up
Shouts to Bumbu I’m finna serve ’em up
I got them comfy and kind and courteous
I put the old bodies in the new freezer
Brrrr – I never heard of her!

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