Talib Kweli – Write at Home Lyrics

[Verse 1: Datcha] Peace, Peace
Everything we do is a creation
In complete harmony our creation becomes art
Everything we’ve ever invented stems from the human imagination
Everything we’ve ever invented or created that moved an era is recognized as work of genius
Science and the empirical man, philosophy and the thinker
Religion and the shaman, art and the [sick who can?] metabolize
Everything with a trace of decay is human error
Forgivable human error the curse from the [?] to the gift which becomes a shadow
Necessary evil so to speak, or we’d have figured it out by now
Striving for perfection is a result of genius
Find peace, share your genius
See I can’t see my own face without a reflection
Whether it be your reaction to my expression, a mirror, or water
I need the outside to know the inside which is where I reside
Through this understanding, I know that all things are one
According to science, everything is a wave of energy
A soundwave reaches my ear and my mind makes something of it
My eyes are receptors for another type of energy which my mind then depicts as images
Same goes for smell and touch
Time and space are tools which help me [?] these waves into information
Now when given full attention to something other than time and space, time and space disappear
I’m simply doing
Yesterday, tomorrow, here, there, Poof!
It is always now
All is energy
Even thoughts are forms of energy waves floating
Technically I’m only a vessel channeling those thoughts
My mind chooses to tune into these frequencies which I either contemplate or share with the outside
I believe we all function with the same foundation – energy, which is everything
Everything is one big ocean of energy
Everything is within you
Everything is you
The identity of me is but a series of memories in which my mind decides to narrate in order to create that feeling
Remember it is always now
The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is conserved
In other words, energy can neither be created or destroyed
Energy only transforms
We are thus forever and death is but a blink
So I ask why hurt? Why kill? Why hate? Why fear? Why war?
Why the feelings of uneasiness if all is but a single form of energy entertaining itself?
Can the state of the world change?
Can the state of the world change?
If energy only seems to transform then why not?
It seems as if darkness has always reigned over
We live on a planet amongst the system in a dark space
A planet amongst other planets routing around the sun in the same fashion as electrons do
Around the nucleus which form the cells, which form us
Ah, yes, all is one and, my friends, it is beautiful
Let us unify our heart, now feel your power and I thank you
Peace and forever[Verse 2: Talib] Snap ya fingers, do ya step
Ayyy, where we at with it?
Where you at?
What era is this?

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The era of the musical beautiful mistakes
Delivered hand to hand like we slangin’ the mixtapes
You tryin’ to describe us you might as well get it straight
We the content creators we greater than clickbait
The passion for the culture the vultures they try to kill it
It’s a war for your spirit the lyrics is here to heal us
We looking for the fountain to keep us forever young
While I get my energy from the sun, all things are one
Rollin’ the blunt on a copy of Native Sun
Gettin’ hung just for speakin’ the native tongue
My color is my penalty mentally on the run
Photosynthesizing my energy from the sun
Releasing blockages I ain’t stoppin’ until they gone
Feeling weighted down like my pockets is full of stone
Until I realize I can change what’s going on (Let’s go!)
To every single place I go I’m right at home
I’m right at home (Let’s go!)
Waiting for that day to come
Looking for fountains to keep us forever young
Get my energy from the sun
Rollin’ the blunt on a copy of Native Sun
Gettin’ hung just for speakin’ the native tongue

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