RAJITHEONE – #TheHomies (Interlude) Lyrics

[Conversation] Yo, whatsup son we got wings. Hey man
Finally got some wings in this bitch. Huh? Mhm
God damn, dawg you have no salt, no fuckin’ napkins?
Ayy, that’s what I told, that’s what I told her
She said, she’s like, “You got about ten foot napkins”
These napkins gonna stick to the wings, them lil’ cheap shit, but you know.. better than nothing
You get them coals off too, can’t handle that lil’ cup
Yo, son that’s him right there
Hey! Ayy nigga, ayy!
That was on, that was on them interviews just a second ago, son, hold up!
Yo man that wasn’t that nigga, nah it wasn’t him
It looked like him though
Yo, pass me… yo, pass me some of them um… some of them uh…
That mama sauce

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RAJITHEONE – #TheHomies (Interlude) Lyrics mp3 mp4 video

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