RAJITHEONE – #Nowadays Lyrics

[Verse 1] I play the field tho, sometimes I don’t like the chase
I met this girl who said find someone to commit to
So I don’t end up lonely reminiscin’ ’bout the pain
She said the present is somethin’ we both should love for
You know I can really use a drink right now, she said
And that is what she told me
Don’t wanna lose my focus
And I don’t even think she know just who I really am right now
I am not the one
Conversation done
So who the hell they think they playin’ with nowadays?
I wish that I can take time off nowadays
If only I can just make up more days
‘Cause all I do is make music nowadays, oh yeah
How can the people refuse that nowadays?
I’m really livin’ in the music nowadays, oh yeah
This is really how we do it nowadays, yeah
I act as if there’s nothing to it nowadays, yeah
This really how we—[Verse 2] Enough with the singin’ I get caught up in the moment
Constant reflection about my life, get me second guessing my talent, I swear I’m missin’ the key components
Think different, dream bigger, live better
The closer I am to winnin’ the more I question if winning’s worth it
What’s a man that gave the whole damn world, to lose your soul to some gold and a phone full of hoes
I can tell some of y’all don’t weigh the cons from the pros (true, true, true, true)
Hurricane season destroyed the coast
Families struggle to stay afloat
My grandmammy been callin’ for like a week
I got family back in Haiti
I just hope they ain’t stranded somewhere alone
Let me lend a hand, shit
I got your back if you need a hug
It’s never easy believe me, I need one too
And together we’ll make it through I put my faith and my God above
There’s no one better with a greater love, yeah
Fuck the election I won’t acknowledge it
I hope the Obamas attempt to run again
I pray Colin Kaepernick gets to play again
They tell us not to take a knee but fire when we make a stand[Outro] Yeah, put my lighter in
Got a pre-roll for the outro
For this kind of track
To all my fans who believe in me from the start
Here’s a “Thank You” letter and I’m writing it from the heart
I be like, “Cheers to the ride, yeah”
Raise your glasses, your glasses, your glasses, I tell ’em
Ayo Trey bring the umm…
Bring the sample back… yeah
I’ont really got nothin’ else to say
I think we should just let the shit ride, whatchu think?

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