HTTPS is now available for blogger custom domain

HTTPS is now available for blogger custom domain

google updated a post concerning HTTPS Consideration this year (2017), they now focus on HTTPS and urge website owners to adapt to it.

Long ago, blogger offered free t:SSL certificate to all blogspot users but only applicable to subdomains e.g and neglecting custom domains i.e

Good news!, free https is now available to all custom domains. i will tell you the advantages of https:// over http:// but before then, let me teach you

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how to activate free SSL in blogspot custom domain

login to your blog > goto settings > click basic > in front you will see some https on custom domain > click yes > under you will see redirect http to http:// click yes. you are done!

advantages of https over http

There are four main benefits to using HTTPS
instead of HTTP to access your blog:

” It helps check that your visitors open the correct website and aren t being redirected to a malicious site.

” It helps detect if an attacker tries to change
any data sent from Blogger to the visitor.

” It adds security measures that make it harder for other people to listen to your visitors conversations, track their activities, or steal their information.

” it add tiny positive effects on your website SEO

Likely questions on HTTPS

will i lose my SEO and traffic that on my https?


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