$ 19k Landwind X7, A Chinese Clone Crashes Into A $68k Range Rover Evoque (Photos)

Talk about accidentally meeting your lookalike.The notoriously famous
$19,600 Landwind X7 from China based Jiangling Motor company finally
met its twin, the $68,000 Range Rover Evoque, though in a rather
unforeseen circumstance. Reports suggest that a red Jiangling Landwind
X7 and a red Range Rover Evoque brushed against each other in the city
of Chongqing, China.

The crash itself wasn’t very serious.Nobody got hurt and the cars were
only slightly damaged. Police decided that the driver of the Landwind X7
was to blame, and his insurance will have to cover the costs.

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Well, at least the Range Rover won this battle.

Court Case
The Landwind X7 came in news after Jaguar Land Rover filed a
copyright infringement case against the chinese automobile
manufacturer.But the chinese court declared both company’s (JLR and
Jiangling) patents as invalid.
Chinese law pretty much always sides with Chinese business where there’s money to be made .
Landwind is a Chinese car maker jointly owned by Jiangling Motors and
Changan Auto, coincidentally both joint venture are partners of Ford
,with Jiangling-
Ford and Changan- Ford respectively.
Ford owned Land Rover until 2008 when they sold it on to the TATA conglomerate of India.
What are your views on this incident and Who do think is the real Judas or traitor in this copyright infringement case?

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