Download 3 in 1 Word Games android apk

Download 3 in 1 Word Games android apk

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Treat yourself to the most popular games of words with this pack
including three classics for word games lovers! Improve your knowledge
of vocabulary and spelling with three exciting games words. Find the
classic game of hidden words (also known as the word search) in 3D view!
With many new features, ease of use and intuitive controls, it can be
addicting! Beginners can try the grid 8 of 8, while the more adventurous
can confront the monstrous 16 by 16 grid, larger than the screen! A
challenge for all word games lovers! Then continue your exploration
facing the words race! Test your skills with this essential word game
with superb graphics! Find the maximum of existing words in thousands of
combinations! With 65,000 words at your disposal, this game offers a
long lifetime. Feel free to play multiplayer on the same grid! Finally
rediscover the hangman in this staggered release with stunning graphics!
Hangman takes you in 5 different themes to find more hundreds of words,
hours of fun ahead! Play this timeless classic wherever and whenever
you want, but be careful not to be hanged!

The game’s characteristics and screenshots may vary according to the model of your phone.

Android 1.5 / v1.0.1 (1920×1080)


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