SWF Creator (create swf screensaver in JAVA mobile)

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Hi, welcome again. Today
i’m sharing my new java application “SWF Creator”. It doesn’t create SWF
files itself, but it converts any JPG image to SWF file (by adding SWF
script to the image). It has 20 demo SWF files (light version contains 6
demo files). You can apply any of these demos to any image. But here is
(max size for every demo is shown in the application).
1. Choose any JPG image . Small (in kb) images are better. Memorize the size of your image. Image resolution is not matter.
2. Open “SWF Creator”, select any demo from the list. The max size must
be greater then your image size (max size is shown in the demo file
names). Press ok.
3. Now the file browser will open. Browse your file system and select
your JPG image. Press ok to start generating the SWF file. The SWF file
will be saved in same folder with same name of your image. This process
can take couple of minutes.
4. Goto your JPG image’s folder and enjoy your SWF file.

NOTICE: I’ll post tutorial to convert any JPG file to any SWF file very soon. So keep your eyes open.

t:SWF means Shock Wave Flash

Download From Here Full Version         Light Version        
Tiny Version

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