How to convert JAD to JAR with Jad2Jar – v1.2 – jad to jar downloader

Hie friends, my seventh application is complete. It is a jad to jar
downloader. When we download any java game/app, many sites doesn’t give
the direct link of jar file. They give only jad file and the jad file
contains the direct link of jar file. So, we have to download the jad
file first, then open it with any text editor, search for jar file url
then paste it in any browser’s address bar. It is complicated and many
people can’t do it. And all browsers don’t allow to download jar file
without install. So, i’ve made it to make the process easy. Let’s start.
1. Download any game/app jad file (from getjar, mobango or other sites)
2. Install “Jad2Jar”, open it and browse your file system.
3. Select the jad file. If the jad file contains the link of jar file,
you will see the jar file name on the screen.(all jad file doesn’t
contain the url of jar file)
4. After a few seconds, download will start. You will see the download progress in kilobytes.
5. After downloading, it will show “Success…”. The jar file will save in the same folder of the jad file.
Now enjoy your jar file. PM me if you get any problem.
NOTE: This app doesn’t give resume support, so don’t close it while downloading.

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