Trizz – Lie Down Lyrics

We gon’ do it like this check it out look

(Verse 1)
I had to trip, they had me bent, now we manned up
Break bread and stay fed, cuz them feds do
We only want them dead like niggas wanted Orlando
Stomp em out in public then proceed to my damn show

Niggas hot like the fan broke
Cuz they money is funny, shit is a damn joke
Pullin’ up like Rambo
Hoppin’ out the van, bro
Me and some niggas with pistols maybe a damn rope
To tie em up, line em up I pray somebody light em up

Talkin’ shit but these niggas be sitting right with us
Bogard the blunt
Niggas ain’t slick, you tryin’ to get high with us
They always in my pockets
Can’t stop it who tryin’ ride with us
Provide the slump
For niggas who ride around and provide the funk

Poppin’ out the trunk
Who want it, you better hide and duck, ay
And you can’t ride if you won’t die with us
You don’t have to like it
But respect it and that’s fine with us, nigga

(Chorus x2)
Quiet Down
Them niggas is coming right now
Load pistols on every street that they ride down (nigga)
Its quite foul
So all we do is get high now
Why now? My niggas is finally eating
We fly now

(Verse 2)
Now here is some deep shit
Hell is when you repeat shit (nigga)
That’s why I don’t give a fuck
And be on some creep shit
Keep talking slicky and you
Gonna find yourself in deep shit
So speak quick you cheap shit
Hit delete on them tweets, bitch

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I ain’t a gangster but really be in them streets, bitch
They bump me on the corner, they listenin’ to that G shit
Always been 100, was never on industry shit
I come from real hustle, that get it we in the streets shit
They on that sub-conscious, hold up let me think shit
I’m on that sub-knocking, thug rockin’ G-shit
Let me see, bitch, we gon let it be bitch

Low key as OGs, we dont let em see shit
They gon let them bleed, beretta squeeze for hella cheese
Hella clean as i speed blowing hella weed
Fuck the homies that forgot me, we gonna let them leave
Mad cuz I’m overseas, high doing hella things, nigga

(Chorus x2)
Quiet down
Them niggas is coming right now
Load pistols on every street that they ride down (nigga)
Its quite foul
So all we do is get high now
Why now, my niggas is finally eating
We fly now

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