Napoleon Da Legend – I Ain’t Mad Lyrics

[verse 1: Napoleon Da Legend] Fame and wealth music sales dictating whether its felt
Carved my lane why the fuck should I explain myself
Sometimes I blame myself I’m so impatient
Gotta provide gotta show and prove there’s people waiting
My pops died I moved back slept on my momma couch
Got myself together now I wanna my mom a house
Moved to Brooklyn got a transfer from my job
Friends thought I was crazy I always overlooked the odds
I quickly learned about the business and shiestness
Brothers sisters acting clickish the divisiveness
But I understand why cause snake slither
And they all positioning themselves to be the place hitter
My girl got a job as a babysitter she held me down
Praying everyday like lord please fail me now
As I surrender to my fate all I can do is be great playing it safe
I ain’t mad[verse 2: Napoleon Da Legend] We all living in our small bubble big fish small puddle
We all struggle rather no talk all hustle
24 hours in a day, it’s the same across the board
God mode standing the crossroads
The mirror is a lie cause I paint my own reflection
I’m a deaf tunnel vision to the top my goals protected
Overzealous at time let my passion burst out
I quit my job right after manager kirked out
Never looked back cause the past is an illusion
And The path I choose will the one that craft my future
Like an aircraft shooting thru sky
Scrutinize and admired thru the fire
Regular folk transform to messiahs
You courageous moments define ya
Ya soul survives ya when you die
There’s no the taking the cars in ya garages
I wanna do more sharing and less socializing
More focus more freedom less over-analyzing
Life is pain peace pain I want some peace again
I got lost now I gotta find the key again
No respect no friendship fuck you expect
Cause first they love you they hate you then they love again
Don’t pay the fickle any mind they’ll end up robbing you blind
Im a get the bag you can keep the nickels and dimes
I’m a stay up never the middle I’m a be fine
I’m a do me till the stars to align until then
I ain’t mad
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