How to add website to Google, verify and submit sitemap with Java Phone

Hello Buddy, Today am dropping a most wanted two in one post, how to submit sitemap with java and symbian phone, how to verify website with java phone.  am sure you gonna enjoy reading.

Generally, we all know that there are so many restriction in java and symbian phones because they never support html5, they can’t pass google re-captcher, their screen is small e.t.c. but via this post, I prayertitus is going to teach you step by step with screenshot

1. You need to download a particular Opera Mini For Java Phone

Download and Install it, then launch,

2. You need to activate Muticlipboard (for Copy and paste)

follow the screenshots below
Click Menu > Tools > Settings > Text
how to activate multiclipboard on opera mini mod 
tick checkbox as shown in the image below

Click Save.

3.  Now lets verify!

log in to your google account.


 Click verify  if after the below image is show

Click below banner for quick download

Download now (quick server)

In the next page, click Alternate Methods as shown in he image below

Now we are going to verify via html tag  click it as shown in the image below
In the next page, the below image is shown but the whole verification codes is not displayed 

4. Now we need to change the screen resolution of the browser to be able to copy the codes.

Goto tools > settings > General
Click General, Image below will be shown, scroll down to Custom screen size (WxH)
tick ON and change the screen resolution to 1020×940 like below photo then click save

Refresh page, now the screen resolution is now wide, you are able to copy the verification codes now.
copy codes and add within the <head> section of your website. then click verify
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