Scarface – Black Still Lyrics

”The moment that is bound to shape the future…”

[Verse] I got a letter from the government, the other day
I opened and read it, they tellin’ me to dead it
It said that the message I was bringing brought destruction
I put the pen to the pad and said “Fuck them”
Here’s a land that never gave a damn
About a brother like me from the jump; they’d rather see me slump
Face down, shot five or six times
With my kid and her mama in the cop car crying, and I’m dying
Stop lying, it’s a black and white thang
Redneck ass judge would rather watch a nigga hang
Than indict what’s white, not right, fuck a news feed
Black men got the same needs as the Jews need
Who me? I demand reparation
Fuck a cowboy, I’m a native robbed of my nation
I’m an African, Black man, fucked out my language
Got me praying to a white boy God, that’s insane
And if you ask me, why they steadily harass me
I reply with that “These muthafuckas nasty”
And I’m a god yet they calling me a nigga
They scared of me, so they try to hide behind the trigger
Acting bad ass, fuck a honkey with a badge
I’m a nigga with an attitude, you can kiss my black ass
Ain’t no sense in niggas being diplomatic
Televise the revolution, let these muthafuckas have it
I’m calling up the homies, they said to come through
And I run with them niggas ain’t scared to come shoot
Take an eye for an eye, take a tooth for tooth
Do unto others as them others would do onto you
And now they saying “Make America Great”
But what America hates kept America straight
And America safe, muthafuck that flag
My people are not free, we wanna touch that bag
So quick to try to copyright what came for free
Now they blaming me, and it’s plain to see
That they mad at that, like I’m a magic act
Yeah, imagine that; muthafucka, I’m Black
Fuckin’ vultures, super quick to steal one’s culture
Trying to make it your own; caveman, go home
Over-tan, long nose, funny-looking ass Donald
Got his nerve disrespecting President Obama
If you don’t want us around then let us leave
Pay the money you’ve been owing my peoples as they were set free
That 40 acres and a mule never came
And yet we’re still outstanding—out standing in the rain
Just waiting, patient, pacing, and praying
For God to step up, and not ain’t shit shaking
I was mistaken thinking scripture coulda helped us
Following the faith of our very own oppressors
No justice, just us
Look at how the aftermath of slavery today still affects us
Our kids educated by the enemy
And they don’t know shit about their history
‘Cause they ain’t teaching that in school
Leave it up to them coons, and all that’s cool
Let the bygones be bygone
And besides, we’ve been killing off our own
Shut the fuck up, you know what?
Uncle Tom, house nigga slaves need they muthafuckin’ nuts cut
I pack steel in the hour of the chaos
If Black lives still don’t matter to you, stay out

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