Da$H – Mindfuck Lyrics

[Intro] [Verse: Da$H] Reputation like Saddam, bet that I’m complex
Get in ya head, like the Quran
Bitch I’m a [arm?] next to perfect
Want it all, what you did to deserve it
Thought you was deep, but they scratching the surface
Gun clip look like a broken rib
Show respect when talking to the kid
Anything other and we removing lips
Moving Mare back before you ever had a blunt tucked
Say I’m breath taking like a gut punch
Here to show you who’s who, and what’s what
I put my [bitted?] and I double dare
Double back like a nigga forgot something
Not fronting, back up my team
We had the block jumping
Turned a seven into a half, before I copped onions
True still, before crack, I was moving them blue pills
Had ya bitches rolling off Red Dragons like Drew Hill
Who you thought
The walking corpse up in that Lauren Sport
I seen that opp, and had the strap
So you was sure we fought
Bosses taught me better
I’m down to cause a Holocaust
If it’s involving cheddar
I heard you said riding pussy
Hurry up and get in
Yeah, I’m just waiting for these drugs to set in
So you can take a ride with me
Ask my bitch would she die with me
You know, thought provoking, always smoking
Outspoken, young and fucking bugging
Jump him ’til he turn to pumpkin
Never bluffing, I’m the best and their ain’t no discussion
Motherfucker, it’s Dolla[Hook: J.I.D] [Verse: J.I.D] [Hook: J.I.D]

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