3:00 Am Lyrics – Finding Hope

Baby it’s 3:00 AM
Had you on my mind
And it’s not the first time we’ve gone through this
Wanting you more and more
I can’t help but think of what we could be
(And baby if I could tell you)
Baby if I could tell you, if I could tell you
How much I care, I’m in despair
Are you still there?
(Just tell me)
Just tell me how we can make this work
How we can make this work
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‘Cause baby if I find a way, I’m sure of it this love won’t stray
Just give me a chance to say I love you
And I need you
Now are you here to stay, or fade away like every other day?
You’re the reason that I lie awake

3:00 Am Lyrics – Finding Hope mp3 mp4 video

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