Scardust – Sands of Time: Hourglass Lyrics

Gazing through the crystal ball
Memories reveal the toll
That burdened my mind
And tortured my soul
Flaming shadows of the past
Die out and reveal at last
The stars, the roads,
The path unfolds
I can see the ocean now, Stretching out too far
And call out to the sea
Through a thousand grains of sand
Looking past the shells For who I used to be…

Through time looking for who I used to be
Sands of time

Deep beneath the sands of time
I’ve found a gem and made it mine
Blue as the sea, red as wine
Sip the poison from the truth,
spit it out and taste a strange desire
If I only chose that path
Took the other turn
Would I be alone?

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Under the sands of Time
Under the Sands of TIME
Arrival Survival Revival
Under the Sands of Time
Created Grow older And buried
Under the Sands of Time
So treasure And savour Each moment
Under the sands of time
This one life Will be over
For one day the reaper will come for you too…

Scardust – Sands of Time: Hourglass Lyrics mp3 mp4 video

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