Eruption – This Barren Existence Lyrics

The strings descending from the sky
Like stings they pierce my flesh
The pegs attaching to my arms
My legs and a wire through the spine
Pulled by a force beyond my reach
My every move is orchestrated

Petrified I lost my speech
I can’t see my eyes are painted
Ruled by a voice that does not speak
I fear my mind is growing weak
Feel my spirit suffocating
The chords just keep coordinating

Skin has petrified
Wooden features hide a soul
A life so deep inside
Painted face resigned control

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A lie this figurine
Stiff and lifeless no more hope
I dance oh so gracefully
My stance reflects my deity

As I move blind, deaf and dumb
Feel my mind is getting numb
My senses dull, my will is null
Cut the wire, let me die

The puppet bows and tips its hat
The master laughs with no regret

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