Websites that looks like (nairaland alternatives)

Websites that looks like (nairaland alternatives)

Hello guys, I will like to give you lists of websites similar to nairaland in look but before i do that let me tell you the painful side of nairaland i experienced.

few weeks ago i saw a post that was against my religion (Christianity), I wanted to comment, a pop-up appeared on my phone asking me if am a christian or muslim. I wanted to click muslim because i knew i would be restricted but also saw a warning that the religion you select shall be saved on your profile for everyone to see i got no choice than to choose christianity. Lo and behold I was redirected to homepage. it pained me alot.

Nairaland should not alow us to see such post thats against our religion instead of restricting us from dropping comments.

On one sunday evening, i saw a post encouraging christians on nairaland, some people were just talking bad and nonsense about Jesus christ.

my question is, why should nairaland alow them to comment? is that partial??

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thats the only only aspect where i hate nairaland and I swared never to read or comment on any post related to relgion.

Today i realised that i can’t create post, comment, or quote on nairaland again thats the reason why searched for its alternatives and putting them together for guys in my shoe. I didn’t created this post to pull down great nairaland o, who am I? am just a common blogger blogspot for that matter.

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thats the little am able to gather… if you get more drop via comment and never try to spam because i will discard it. thank u.

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