Trenchgrinder – Deterrence and Retribution Lyrics

Beckoned by the hand of Death
Unaware, unannounced, unobserved
A shadow amongst the living stalks
Terror takes to the sky
Touched in every tongue
In every function: execution
A payload forces heaven’s hand
There is nowhere to hide when God is blind
Singing psalms of fuel and fire
What resides beneath the knife must die
In the rubble what remains?
What but hatred sprouts from graves?
Blind god, behold begotten son
Tyranny of annihilation
Bombast from the first to last bomb blast
Killing and reason were joined in the past
A parting gesture from the hand of Death
Gone and forgotten may they rest
A stalking presence amidst the living
A quest to blind the world
Eternally, violently, eradication
Eternity, enmity, embrace humanity
Once undone, what is won, murder and massacre
In the end, in revenge, retribution

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