How to send Andriod applications and games with WhatsApp

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This is a tutorial on how to send any Android file or application such as games to your friends with WhatsApp.
In this tutorial you will learn how to send applications to your WhatsApp friends with ease. I know many of us in one point in time most have wondered how they can share one of their lovely Andriod apps or games with their friends but couldn’t find option to send app.


Step 1: Go to file manager
Step 2: Find the apk file of the app/game you want to send
Step 3: Rename the “.apk” file, where you see “apk” delete it and type “doc” or “txt”
Step 4: Long press and hold the file then click share then via whatsapp
eg: To send Candy Crush. It would be “CandyCrush.apk” so you rename and change it to “Candycrush.doc” or “CandyCrush.txt” then you send
Step 1: Download the app/game in Whatsapp
Step 2: Open your phone’s file manager
Step 3: Go to your WhatsApp folder>>media>>>documents
Step 4: Rename the app/game. Change it to “.apk” from “doc” or “txt” e.g CandyCrush.doc to Candycrush.apk
Step 5: Install
NOTE: You can equally use the above steps to send any file you want to your on WhatsApp.

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