Sean Leon – Parkdale Cartel Freestyle II Lyrics

[Intro] I tried, I tried, I tried
I hope you know before I leave
I tried, let my tombstone read
Let my tombstone read I tried
Let it read I tried
Before I leave, before I leave
I bleed, I cry[Verse] Winter time going
I been gone, been going in
That’s Sean, just knowing him
He’s not to go against
I thought I made it clear, guess not
Best not mention the man, let’s not
A desk job I don’t attend
No boss, no punching-in
But punchlines puncture ribs
And pump blood through the skin
I stop, but now or then
I hop up off the block
And pop up with my friends (yeah, yeah)
Xylo countin’ hunnids, one, two
Daddy [?] her momma and her auntie too
Black Sheep army we [?] cool
She get half, I got a baby with her
I don’t get mad, [I hit the babysitter?] I took no naps, I made it stack then
I flip that stack and had a laugh [this hour?]
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