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Sitemeter.com counter review
I chose to use SiteMeter for my blog since I have used it before and I think its one of the best free counters out there.
As a blogger I need a good counter which should basically give information about the number of visitors, from where they are coming, when they are coming and how they are coming. Apart from these there are many other details which are not very important for bloggers like me, these include information such as which pages your visitors have viewed and in what order, technical information including OS, browser, resolution, etc.

SiteMeter provides the following information:
Geographical location – country, city including a world map showing the visitors by a dot.
Virtual location – IP address but the last octet is masked for privacy
Visit time – the time they came to your site
Visit length – how long were they on your site
Entry pages – the first page that they landed on
Exit pags – the last page that they browsed
Referrals – from where did they come in, whether a search engine, bookmark or a link
Out clicks – which linked they clicked out from your site

All this is represented in a good readable format. All the above details can either be viewed in a single page for a visitor or each detail separately for all visitors. There are bar graphs which show the number of visitors for the last 24 hours, 7 days, last 30 days and last 12 months. There are also pie charts showing the geographical location breakdown and other visitor information.
The site also offers traffic prediction based on your statistics.

The only main disadvantage is the limit in the log size. The details can only be viewed for the last 100 visitors. And the counter styles are limited though they can be customized. But there is no option of invisible counter in the free version, the site requires you to show atleast their logo if not the counter.

The manager section of the site offers settings for the site-name, address, counter style and time-zone. There is an option to ignore your visits from being counted either by IP or a cookie. The privacy level also lets you control the visibility of your statistics.

Sitemeter offers a good free counter which is great for bloggers or site owners who do not have many visitors and just need to track where, when and how visitors are coming to their site.
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