FUTURISTIC – Grandmas Song Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah
This right here is my grandmas song
This right here is my grandmas song
This right here is my grandmas song
This right here is my grandmas song[Verse 1] I hope you know that I miss you
Right now I’m lookin’ at your picture
I hope you know that I love you still
Since you’ve gone everything’s really different
Your spirit was genuinely lifting
I’ve seen you cry everytime that it’s Chistmas
‘Cause I wish that I was with ya, but
I guess I’m always with ya
I never deleted your name from my phone
I always wandered if you see me [?] I hope you know I don’t curse on this song
I thought that I could be [?] I tell your stories the way that you did
I have some stories about how we lived
I got your t-shirt, your [?] I know that you just want me to be strong[Hook] [?] [Verse 2] Yeah
I celebrate every moment now (moment now)
I know you lookin’ down and you’re proud
I remember when I was down and out
A simple [?] from you would be quick to make me smile (make me smile)
You probably could give [?] Pac now, ain’t you?
You probably could give [?] Biggie too (Biggie too)
You probably drinkin’ a diet soda (diet soda)
You know, all of the things that you loved to do (loved to do)
And if I had you [?] just for a minute
I would tell you that I love you [?] my work is never finished
And in the name of you I’m out here livin’
Always representin’, makin’ difference the same way you did it for all your children
I would spoil you with everything, put you in a better place
All I have is memories, I believe in yesterday
No amount of money could ever lead me to better days
I would trade it all if I could have you with me every day[Hook] [?]
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