Wap Builders Review: wapka vs wapego

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wapka vs wapego best wap builder

Few years ago, i published a post on my wapka site where i compared wapka and wapego similarities and differences so thats why fetch out the post to republish on techmedias as you know that both platform are still active.


wapka content manager vs wapego files exchange!

wapka uploads via url, wapego uploads via url as well

2. wapka cm maximum file per upload is 100mb while wapego’s own is 500mb

3.wapka cm does not support .pdf, swf, .txt, .js, .ico e.t.c while wapego accepts those formats

4. wapka has 7 different unified downloading page while wapego gat only one

5. wapka cm downloading page sometimes encounter flaws while wapego’s own is flawless

6. wapka supports thumbnail, wapego supports thumbnail as well

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7. wapka as unlimited space for uploading, wapego has unlimited space aswell

8. wapka files reads from kb, wapego files reads from mb

9. wapka is strict about bottom banner, there is no ads in wapego

10. wapka cm pages are slow atimes, wapego are always speeding.

11.wapka’s forum is richer than wapego

12. wapka does not support twig and php, wapego supports!! why do you criticize wapego? who rock in downloading most??

13. wapka block users, wapego does not

14.wapka can upload 5 files at once, wapego can upload 6 at once

15.only admin can upload in wapka, both user and admin can upload in wapego

16. user can upload in wapka fm but the cant upload via url, users can upload via url with maximum size of 500mb

17. wapka can only hide the whole downloading page and filelist from unlogged users, wapego can only hide the downloading link from unlogged users.

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