Vista Users: Don’t Download IE 10

While the platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 is available for use with windows 7, the users of vista or XP won’t be able to use the latest release of the still widely used Microsoft Internet Explorer even when the final release is made.

The surprise announcement came when computer world’s Gregg Keizer contacted Microsoft to find out about its plan for supporting IE 10 in windows Vista.

Microsoft confirmed that the latest release will only support windows 7 by giving the following email response:
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Windows Vista customers have a great browsing experience with IE9, but in building IE10 we are focused on continuing to drive the kind of innovation that only happens when you take advantage of the ongoing improvements in modern operating systems and modern hardware.

Although vista is no longer the OS of choice for both business or individual users. Globally, however XP is still the most widely used OS. The lack of the latest IE support or any other applications makes windows XP users the bigger sufferers.


If users try to install IE 10 Platform preview on windows vista they will get an error message and the installer will shuts down.

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