Sort YouTube Videos by Number of Views (view count) & Upload Date [How To]

Google, just days ago (Dec 6, 2012) rolled out a new YouTube interface yet again. Although this layout is cleaner than the previous one, however some important filters like view count, upload date, relevance and average rating have been dropped.

‘View count’, especially is one of the filters many would use when watching the most popular videos on a particular topic. If this latest change didn’t really sit well with you, here are two ways you can still add the missing filters and sort search results by views, average ratings etc.

Method 1:

Add the following to the end of the URL in the address bar after you have for a topic:

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To Search by Relevance (Default)


To Search by Average Rating


To Search by View Count


To Search by Upload Date


Method 2: (For Chrome Browser and Firefox):

Simply Install the “Video Sorter for YouTube” extension on your Chrome Browser. The extension adds it’s own filters right above the search results.

While Firefox users can get the “YouTube Legacy Sort Options” script to get the previous filter options back.

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