Search Videos from Specific Websites with Google

You need to re watch a clip you recently saw on some popular sports website but can’t seem to find it easily or you want to find videos about some news events making headlines but these to be sourced only from news websites but can’t exactly figure out how.

videoWell, Google Videos isn’t the only places to search hundreds of sites for video content but certainly is among the better resources if not the best.

Simple search operators that we use on Google to find textual content can also be applied to video searches in a similar way to limit search a great extent to specific sites only.

For example: You wish to find videos of “forest fire” from some of the major online news sites you follow.

Head straight to Google Videos and use the “|” operator as below to get results only from desired news sites. In my case, the bbc, abcnews and msnbc.
forest fire | |


Rarely, a search term may show up a couple of videos from YouTube or some other video site, along with results from our specified sites. This can happen  only if a video on YouTube or another video site has a link in the description area to any of the sites we want video results from.

We can always use the “ – “ search operator to leave out such results.

forest fire | | –

Search for Videos from specific website with Truveo:

Many search engines provide us with an extensive video search functionality. Turveo is one of the best ones. It can pull results from major video sites including news and entertainment websites.

Simply enter your search terms and filter results from the sources listed.

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