How To Video Chat with Multiple Friends On Facebook

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One of the most popular feature of Google+ is that you can have a video chat with upto 10 friends at a time, Facebook on the other hand only allows you to have a one to one chat with your friends and family yet.
Although there is no multiple video chat feature yet, however social hangouts is a third-party Facebook app that brings group chat facility to Facebook, allowing you to have a video chat with upto 20 people at once.
In the developers own words:
“(Social Hangouts) a multi-user video chat application on Facebook is now ready to take on the millions of Facebook users in a click of a button. Social Hangouts is a simple, easy to use application; you access the app without ever leaving Facebook, invite up to 20 of your contacts from your friends list and you could all be having a live video chat in no time! This might prove to be in Facebook’s favor, who to-date has managed to stay on top due to application and developers such as these and add to its arsenal against Google+”
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To start a video chat with more than one friend at a time, go to social hangouts and invite friends. The application will start and transmit your video to your friends and vice versa.

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