How to Measure Anything On Computer Screen With These Free Onscreen Rulers

These free screen rulers may not be the best ones in terms of design, but will definitely let you measure anything element on your computer screen. If you want to find out the distance between two points on a picture, size of a banner or ensure that your photos or screenshots are sized to fit neatly on your blog or website, check these out.
MB-Ruler  (Windows)
A great tool to measure distances and angles on the screen and distances on maps. This also includes diagonal , vertical and horizontal distances. The ruler and protractor is almost transparent, allowing you to have it on screen while you work with the applications below.
Additionally it has a screen loupe function, a RGB value window and you can place temporary points, lines, rectangles, ellipses, polylines, texts and bitmaps as markers on the screen.
MB-Rulercoordinate-system Triangular Ruler                               Coordinate System
Download – MB-Ruler
A Ruler For Windows
One of the simplest rulers available. It will help you find out the exact size and position of any image, document, icon, HTML element, etc. The ruler can be rotated, resized and even zoomed to get the perfect measurement. Plus, multiple rulers can be launched at once.
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Download – A Ruler For Windows
Free Ruler (MAC)
A simple On-screen Ruler for Mac that can be used for measurement in pixels, inches, picas and centimeters. The ruler can be scaled from 200 to 5000 pixels in length. Moreover, it can be customized for transparency to get the precise measurement of elements.
Download – Free Ruler
ScreenRuler (Ubuntu)
Measure the distance between two vertical or horizontal points with this customizable ruler for Ubuntu. ScreenRuler offers measurement in 6 different metrics: pixels, centimeters, inches, picas, points, and as a percentage of the ruler’s length.
Additional features include: Keyboard control for precise positioning and color and font customization.
ubuntu ruler
Download – ScreenRuler
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