How To Increase Speed Of PC In 5 Minutes

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If you want your PC to work faster right now, here’re 5 simple steps you can do to increase the performance of your PC. By applying these steps, your computer can start running faster right now:

Step 1: Remove visual effects

This is a step where you could remove all the fancy effects that make your windows look nice. These effects include fading, shadows and other animations. This step is similar to Windows XP, Vista and 7. The steps are:

Go to your Desktop
Right click “My Computer”
Left click “Properties”
Click on the “Advanced” tab
Under “Performance”, click on “Settings”
Under the “Visual Effects” tab, click on “Adjust for best performance”
Click “Apply” and you’re done.

Now, you lose the fancy visual effects but your computer is able to run much faster. By removing all these effects, you will see a significant increase in speed.

Step 2: Use disk cleaner

Disk Cleaner is a free tool provided with Microsoft Windows. It is able to help you clear up to 2GB to 3 GB on your hard disk and speed it up.

“What does deleting temporary files have to do with speed up your computer?” you may ask.

Imagine you have a very messy room full of stuffs, do you think finding something that you want takes time. That is the same to every computer as well. When your computer helps you to store temporary files, they are basically stored in an unorganized way and mixed with important stuffs.

By throwing 10% of the garbage in your messy room, you can find the things you want much faster. That is the same for your computer as well. These are the steps to clean up your PC:

Click on the “Start Menu”
Select “All Programs”
Select “Accessories”
Select “System Tools”
Click on “Disk Cleanup”
Choose your drive that you want to clean (Hard Disk, normally C Drive)

Once you click on “Disk cleanup”, the program will start calculating how much space you could free from cleaning some old stuffs. After few minutes of calculating, you will be able to see a list of stuffs you can delete. Check those that are unimportant and delete.

Step 3: Change display settings 

This is very similar to visual effects. Instead of using fancy and colorful backgrounds that waste lots of time and PC power to load, remove them to the basic will speed up your computer. The steps are:

Right click your “Desktop”
Left click “Properties”
Under “Themes” tab, click on the drop down menu and choose “Windows Classic”
Under “Desktop” tab, choose “None” for background.
Under “Appearance” tab, click on the drop down menu below “Windows and buttons”.  Choose Windows Classic Style.
Under “Appearance” tab again, click on “Effects…” button, try to uncheck all of them and click “Ok”.
Under “Settings” tab, click on the drop down menu below “Color Quality” and choose “16 Bit”.
Finally, click on “Apply” and you’re done.

Step 4: Clear hidden Windows errors 

Around 90% of SLOW computers are cause by hidden Windows error. That’s one of the main reasons why your computer starts to slow down after using it for months. Unfortunately, cleaning this error manually is simply too technical. To clean these errors effectively, you can use the help with a program automatically called PC Speed Doctor.

Step 5: Overclocking

Overclocking is a nasty way of improving the performance of your hardware. I don’t recommend you this step if you are using a new PC. This technique is able to boost the performance of your processor and force your computer to run faster. On the other hand, it will generate more heat. Overclocking is quite technical as well. I highly recommend you to learn from an ebook called Overclock Your CPU. The author is able to increase the performance of a processor from 1.9GHz to 3.5Ghz and has helped many people to do so.

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