How To Increase PC Speed? (Computer Latest Version)

There are many ways you can increase the performance and make your computer runs faster. I used to come across a website which has around 100 ways to make a computer runs faster. Here’re 2 of the best programs I’ve found that is able to increase the speed of your website:

  1. PC Speed Doctor
  2. Overclock Your CPU
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Instead of going through each of them, I’m going to share only the best ways to speed up computer. These methods are very easy to do and you can see a big difference after you have applied them.

Most of these methods can be categorized into: Looking Ugly, Cleaning Up and Overclocking. Looking ugly are techniques that reduces the visual effect of your windows. Instead of looking nice and cool, these techniques remove these effects and make your computer runs faster. Cleaning up is about removing files and programs that are slowing down your pc. Last but not least, overclocking is like hacking your own hardware such as processor and graphic cards to make them run faster.

You can start with the following tips!


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