How to Fix “Blogger Images Not Uploading” Problem

Blogger offers a simple option for adding images to your posts. One can simply click the image icon above the post editor and choose from the various options to insert an image or upload it from the system itself. Occasionally one may experience problems with the uploading of images which may be due to one of several reasons. I too recently have had problems uploading images to this blog and got it working after deleting my cache. If you too are having this problem, here are couple of things you should try in this case:

Clear Browser’s Cache:
Start by clearing your browser’s cache. Many browser related problems including pages that freeze, don’t finish loading, or contain old content can be fixed by clearing your cache.
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Disable Plugins:
Disable any Plugins/Extensions on your browser. Plugins may cause incompatibilities with the post editor.

Enable Popups:
Enable popup on your browser or add an exception to on your popup blocker. Sometimes popup blockers will prevent the image upload window from appearing.

Enable 3rd Party Cookies:
Make sure all 3rd Party Cookies are enabled in your browser.

Restart your browser:
Once you have tried the above three steps, you may also wan’t to try and restart your browser.

Try a different browser:
Sometimes changing your browser may do the job for you. If you are using Chrome, try Firefox, IE or Opera.
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