How to create forum with blogger/blogspot

Free Embeddable Forums for Blogger & How to Embed These Forums

Its always great to have a forum on your website. Forums offer visitors to return, interact, have discussions on topics of their interest and help each other – hence a great platform for building an online community. And in return, boost the overall value of the site.

For users of blogger, there are only a couple of free options available for adding a forum to the site.

Nabble:, available both in free and paid versions, offers a really simple forum with a neat layout and lots of useful option. Embedding it to your blogger/blogspot site is easy:

  1. Go to, click ‘start a new forum’ and fill in the details. Verify your account.
  2. Create sub-forums by going to Options > Structure > Create New Sub-Forum (Make sure you’re logged in).
  3. Now for embedding, head over to Options > Embedding options.
  4. Copy the JavaScript code.
  5. Finally, create a new page on your blog and paste the JavaScript code you copied in step 4 and paste it into the HTML editor mode there.
  6. Publish your page.
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That’s it. You now have Nabble forum running on your blog. by Lefora has been available for quite some time now. Like Nabble, it is also available as free and paid. The paid $5 version comes with no restrictions. However the free version is limited to 15 recent topics and 5 sub-forums. offers a seriously simple way of adding a forum to your website. Just paste the provided code to your page and suddenly the site has a fully functional forum embedded right there. You can load login with your Facebook, Google, blogger and a number of other accounts. The first person to login will become the admin.

Google Groups Forum

If you still have an active online community on Google Groups Forum, you can easily embed the forum on your blog. Simply head over to the HTML editor and add the following code:

<iframe frameborder="0" height="700" width="100%" id="forum_embed" scrolling="no" src="!forum/NAME_OF_FORUM">

Be sure to replace the ‘NAME_OF_FORUM’ with your actual forum’s name on both places.

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