How Do I Overclock My CPU

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Overclocking could be both exciting and dangerous. The exciting thing about overclocking is that you could improve the computer’s performance up to 50%. This includes your processors, graphic cards and RAM. The dangerous part of overclocking is that it might damage your hardware permanently if you are not careful.

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Overclocking is basically like forcing your computer to work faster. Instead of walking, you are asking them to run. If you are careless in monitoring the heat, you might toast your hardware. Fortunately, there are programs that are able to monitor the heat and alert you if they are overheated. Some programs might automatically shut down your PC.

Personally, I have never done overclocking because I treat them as babies. Before you start, you should make sure you have good cooling hardware and heat monitoring programs for your computer.

So, how do I overclock my cpu?

Most overclocking works are done on BIOS. Before your computer reaches Window, you need to access the BIOS and configure the settings for your CPU, RAM and Graphic Cards.

Here’re 2 important tips while you overclock your CPU:

Don’t increase your performance 50% suddenly. It is dangerous to do so. Increase 10% and slowly move up.

Always search for opinions and reviews from people who had overclock their CPU and hardware on forums or search engines.

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