Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts and Goo Plus Manager

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to save time. Instead of finding a menu or an option, you just press a combination of keys. Google+ already has a few built-in shortcuts which you can use to navigate through the Google+ interface.

Installing Goo Plus Manager extension for chrome adds several keyboard shortcuts which can be used to jump to various sections in Google+. 

Moving to sections:
g+h:go home
g+p:go to profile
i+i:go to photos
i+p:go to phone photos
i+m:go to photos of me
i+a:go to my photo albums
g+i:go to incoming
g+n:go to notifications

Navigating: (Already in Google Plus):

Go to next post
Go to previous post
Move down Stream by regular intervals
Shift + Space
Move Up Stream by regular intervals
When a Stream update is selected Enter /Return moves the cursor to the comment box
Gives focus to the comments box
Enter + Tab
Submit Comment

Formatting Text:

Using * symbol in the beginning and end of a text will make the text bold.
*This will appear bold*
Using _ symbol in the beginning and end of a text will make the text italic.
_This will appear italic_
Using – symbol in the beginning and end of a text to strikethrough text.
This is a strikethrough text
@ / +
To mention someone in a text use the @ or +symbol before their name.

Goo Plus Manager Menu Options:

In your Google+ profile Goo Plus Manager appears besides the notification box on the top right corner of all Google Pages. Simply clicking on its icon drops down a menu with the following options for easy navigation.

– Home
– Profile
– My Photos
– My albums
– Photos
– Phone Photos
– Circles
– Incoming
– Notifications
– Shorten Links

Download Goo Plus Manager chrome extension.

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