Google lets you make money by solving problems

Google has launched a new social platform where people can earn money by solving problems. is run by Slide, a gaming company that Google acquired last year for $182m. The Idea behind this new service is simple: Users create a contest where they post a question or task and fix a cash amount for the best answer or task to be done. For example users can ask for ideas for a new website, advice on a comprehensive “Get Healthy” plan, or planning an ideal summer vacation, etc.

Each task is to be done within a fixed amount of time, during which people can vote for the best answer or advice given. The user with the most votes wins the cash prize. The money on offer currently for the questions is between 10$-50$.

Interesting to note that the site features very little Google branding and the sign-in, currently is through Facebook or Twitter, not with a Google ID, which may be a smart move to reach a bigger audience.

prizes-org is in beta but its available for everyone, although the contest creation like all recently launched Google services is still invites-only.
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