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How to block annoying advertisments on my android Apps

Adblock Plus apk download: How to block annoying advertisments on my android Apps

Hi bro, some android app drains your battery and data often while using them?

Here is an android app that will block ads on the apps.

Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads on your Android device. NO ROOT REQUIRED!

It blocks all online advertising when browsing, and when using your favorite apps like Angry Birds. It is
100% free and makes your Android device much more enjoyable.

Adblock Plus blocks: mobile ads, video advertising, banners, push notifications, display advertising, HTML5 advertising, and much more.

PLEASE NOTE: Adblock Plus might have limited functionality, depending on the Android version on your device and whether your device has been rooted

Rooted: Blocks ads over Wi-Fi and 3G

Non-rooted with Android 3.1 or later: Blocks ads over Wi-Fi Non-rooted with Android 3.0 or earlier: Some manual
configuration is required.

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Please visit this website to learn how to setup your own proxy:
Also, Android does not allow ads to be blocked on SSL encrypted websites.

Annoyed by the icon? Please read this:
Adblock Plus is an open-source, community driven
project. Many volunteers are contributing to the
development and maintenance of Adblock Plus.

Currently, there are over forty continuously updating filter lists in over a dozen different languages, ensuring
that all obtrusive ads remain blocked.

Please note that Adblock Plus will probably become the highest data-using application on your Android device. However, this is only because Adblock Plus needs to filter the data to ensure that the ads can be blocked.

Adblock Plus is actually only using a fraction of the data shown on your device.

Adblock Plus is also available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Download Adblock Plus android.apk

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