wapka users are free from DMCA

wapka users free from DMCA how?

We noticed that wapka blocked some websites i.e naijapres.com, 9jabaze.com but its never because copyright contents is found on their websites. DMCA can never disturb a wapka site because wapka official pays huge money to settle them so they must shut up! (lolz) the worst site owner (whose content you copied) can do is to be spamming your email with messages. to solve that, you must pay and activate whois guard (there is nothing money cannot do lolz again.)


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“Dear wapmasters, recently, some wapmasters received copyright complaints from one copyright agent. Some wapmasters even took wrong measures because of including some private information in the email.

At first,we declare that we do not collect your
personal information and never reveal your registration information.
Then how to deal with this matter?

– Removing your private information of your own
domain in Whois. You can buy WhoisGuard to
protect your domain.

– Wapka has DMCA agreement. We strictly follow the rules to remove related download link(not site page, download link only) within 24 hours. If there is no detailed download link in the email, you should ask them to provide.

If still have any questions, please feel free to contact

Thanks very much for your support.”

So after today, if any Copyright agent sends you message via your email to report a wapka website, Sl*p him! what did i say? sla what nobi prayertitus yan dat ooo lolz

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