How to send java application with your java mobile phone using blueftp

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Who says one can not send java applications with their s40 java mobile phone.any body who wishes to send .jar applications can easily do that with the help of ftp is a file manager that enables s40 java phone users to manage their files and folders easily without can use blueftp to perform many task with your device like unzipping a zip file, compressing a file to a zip format, sending of files and software’s to other
device, cool hun. today i am going to share with you a little trick you can use to send any .jar applications from your s40 java mobile phone.


so how do i send .jar applications from my java phone using blue ftp

step1: google for blueftp and download, then install it.

step2: now go to to download any .jar application.when downloading from, their is an option to download either in .jar or zip file.if you choose the .jar it means you are going to download the raw application, but if you
choose the zip format, it means the raw app is going to be inside a zip which is what we want.

step3: after downloading the zip file in step2 your blueftp and locate the downloaded from zip in your memory card

step4: open it and extract the .jar file you will see extract it,just press the upper left soft key on your device,then choose extract this item or you
can use the short cut by just pressing 1.

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step5: when you choose the extract selected item, it will take you back in order to choose any folder you want to extract the file choose any folder and press the upper left soft key and choose extract item here or simply use the short cut by pressing 3.

step6: after extracting the .jar file, you will see the extension being renamed to _jar in the folder you extracted it all you need to do is to clear all the entry leaving only one letter with the _jar extension
e.g. If the jar file is operamini.jar before, and after extracting it,it becomes operamini_jar.just press the upper left soft key and choose rename,then clear the operamini leave just one letter lets say the starting letter which is will now become O_jar.

step7: you can now send the file to any do this, still on blueftp, you will see two
option which is local at the left hand side and
Bluetooth at the right hand side.the local is your phone while the Bluetooth is where the other phone will appear after pairing it.

to pair it, choose the Bluetooth at the right hand side and search for the person’s phone and pair it will noticed that the person’s folder will show up on your blueftp which will give you access to his files and folders.

all you need to do is to copy the application you
renamed from your local and paste it inside any folder in the other phone i.e you copy from the left and paste it to the right.after sending it, rename the O_jar from
the person phone to O.jar, you are will now see it as operamini.jar raw file. the person can then install it on his phone.

NOTE: you can also download .jar file directly to your device using ucweb.ucweb will automatically rename it to _jar.then follow the same process to send
it.that’s all.ENJOY.

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