How to create theme with blueftp

how to create theme with blueftp

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This is a very easy and stress free way
of creating themes using your java
STEP 1: Open your blueFTP app and open
a theme in the phone.
STEP 2: Mark all files found in the theme
using (#).
STEP 3: Extract all file into a new folder.
STEP 4: Go to the folder where the pics
you want to use are- mark,copy and
paste them to the new folder. STEP 5: Open the theme files one after
the other and see which one you would
like a particular pic to bear or to use.
STEP 6: On each file you choose,mark the
name and click copy.
STEP 7: Then delete the file,go to the pic you would like to use on that file then go
to rename on the pic,delete the name
and paste the name you copied from the
file you deleted(repeat it on the other
FINAL STEP: Mark all files and click compress(nth).
Close the app,go to your phone and
apply your theme… ENJOY!
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