How Can I Type Faster on computer Online Learning

Mostly if i want to see how my fasting speed is, sometimes i check on
Mavis Beacon or Typing Master, but what if you want to Learn How To
Type Faster Online and check how fast you’re. There is a Web App that
does that.
So cool, you can check your typing speed and learn how to type
faster, it has so many features like online Games, And increase your
typing speed.
type racerAs
you can see in the website or this screenshot, It has typing speed, and
you can as well Practice and also Race with friends online to check how
fast you’re.
You can check out the website here:- Type Racer
Although there are so many website that do the same but this is the
one i found okay, if you have any one that has more features than this,
you can share with our readers through this comment box.
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