IP locator code for wapka, blogger or website

IP locator may display User region with country and flag, IP address, Country code, User host name, IP state, User ISP, and user organization of online user on your website. See preview below.

Hello, visitor from: , Nigeria
Your Country Code: NG
Your IP State:
Your IP Address:
Your Hostname:
Your ISP: Airtel Networks Limited
Your Organization: Airtel Networks Limited

IP Locator Code:

<script language=”JavaScript” src=”http://www.ipaddresslocation.org/my-ip-address.php” type=”text/JavaScript”></script>


To add this on wapka 

Login as admin mode

Click ::Edit Site::

Click wml/xhtml code

Paste the JAVA script on text area

Click below banner for quick download

Download now (quick server)

Click Submit button

To add this on Blogger Login to your blogger account

Select Layout option

Select Add Gadget link

Select HTML/JAVA Script widget

Leave title text box blank. Paste above link on text area and click Save Button.

IP locator add successfully!
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