Top 5 Must Installed FREE Apps On Android Phone For Students

We all students, Isn’t it? We sleep and wake up with our gadget not
with our books, Since we do that we need something on our device which
make everything easier for us in learning and help us in our
academic. And here am writing on 5 must Installed FREE Apps On Android
Device For Students which i used on my phone.

Am going to explain The best App which i have used so far which has
really helped alot in every aspect of my reading and i decided to share
this Apps with you. And am i going to add the link to the Playstore for easy access.

1. Adobe Reader

adobe logo

Why Adobe Reader? You might be given an assignment or you might be
ask by a lecturer to go and read more about a particular course, You
opened your Phone and you read what the lecturer ask you to do, You need
to Download it in PDF, although there are lots of PDF Apps available
for Android but the one i haved used so far for my device is Adobe

Download From Playstore

2. Notepad


You will need to write down something, there are free notepad
available which i have tested so many times but the one which work best
so far fo me is Notepad and this the link to Playstore

Download From Playstore.

Click below banner for quick download

Download now (quick server)

3. Time Table


I don’t need to write my Timetable in my Notes or somewhere else,
since i have my Phone with me everything is well okay, I checked the
Timetable on my phone which is very easier and faster to do so.

Download From Playstore.

4. Microsoft Office Mobile


You can use it to access any Microsoft documents file, you can view and edit, you can create documents with it. And it’s free

Download From Playstore.

5. Oxford Dictionary

oxford dictionary

You need to learn new grammar every day, look for a word you
understand the meaning. Oxford dictionary of English will help you alot
with Voice pronunciation if you don’t know how to pronounce a particular
word. It’s so useful and helpful.

Download From Playstore.

If you’ve any App you are using as a student which also help us, you can tell using this comment form.

You can add yours to the list.

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